Food Fraud and Traceability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises On-Demand Webcast
Food Fraud and Traceability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises On-Demand Webcast
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An IFT Global Food Traceability Center on the ability of food traceability systems to mitigate food fraud in small and medium sized enterprises.
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Food fraud, a broad concept including mislabeling, adulteration, theft, tampering and/or counterfeiting of food products, is a rapidly intensifying area of interest to the food industry because of improved surveillance and innovations that can mitigate food fraud. Food traceability empowers business owners to improve sourcing assurance and to help ensure product remains intact downstream.

Speaker Neil Bogart will discuss how food fraud impacts small and medium sized enterprises. Karen Everstine will illustrate how food fraud surveillance is currently conducted and show data on particular food products like honey and seafood. Thomas Burke will highlight lessons learned from using traceability in the seafood sector to mitigate mislabeling and counterfeit seafood. Katrina Klett will demonstrate their usage of blockchain and embedded sensors to ensure the wholesomeness of their honey from source to consumer. Finally, there will be a brief discussion on how blockchain is shaping traceability and its potential for addressing food fraud.

Neil Bogart, Assistant VP Quality Systems, Red Diamond Coffee & Tea (Also IAFP Food Fraud PDG Chairperson)
Thomas A Burke, Food Traceability Scientist, IFT GFTC
Karen Everstine PhD, MPH, Scientific Liaison – Foods, USP
Katrina Klett, Founder, Elevated Honey Co

Length: 70 minutes
Contact Hours: N/A
Date Recorded: May 3, 2018

This webcast is free for everyone, including non-IFT members.
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