Legalized Cannabis and Hemp Edibles-Testing On-Demand Webcast
Legalized Cannabis and Hemp Edibles-Testing On-Demand Webcast
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This webcast provides food scientists and process developers with insights into required testing for cannabis infused edibles.
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A well-regulated, adult-use, LCHE (Legalized Cannabis and Hemp Edibles) product segment requires manufacturers can test for cannabinoid composition and potency.  However, a licensed LCHE manufacturer faces multiple difficulties in establishing production and QC testing, namely the lack of cannabinoid testing protocols for food matrices.  Complicating the landscape are incomplete state regulations that provide little useful oversight of specialized laboratories.  The webinar will provide LCHE manufacturers with tools to plan product testing as well as providing food-safety experts with policy issues that need further discussion.

Participants will be able to identify current testing requirements in several legalized states as well as the status of testing food matrices.  For food-safety professionals, the overview will make them aware of areas still needing research or policy guidance. 

Attendees will be able to:
1. Understand shared challenges of testing for cannabinoids in food matrices
2. Review current policy issues affecting infused foods testing
3. List current testing standards and common analytic equipment for production and quality testing

Dr. Seth Wong
President, TEQ Laboratories (Colorado)
Seth Wong is President of TEQ Analytical Laboratories, the first ISO 17025 accredited third-party cannabis testing laboratory in Colorado. TEQ brings superior testing to the cannabis industry through cutting edge technology, vested laboratory expertise and superior quality initiatives and is located on the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus.

Prior to founding TEQ, Seth began his career in the analytical laboratory industry in 2002 at Industrial Laboratories, an ISO 17025 accredited, third-party analytical laboratory founded in 1945 focusing on food and drug testing. As the President of Industrial Laboratories, Seth’s expertise includes label claim verifications and microbiological analysis for dietary supplements and food products, microbiological analysis of manufacturing facilities, as well as drug testing in biological specimens, dietary supplements, and food products.

Francis J. Boero (moderator)
Dr. Francis Boero is an academically certified, scientific technology business specialist returning to food science after over 30-years in research and healthcare.  After an early career in hospitality services, an interest in research led him to return to earn degrees inInformation Science as well as aPh.D. in Physics at the University of Southern California.Post-graduation, Dr. Boeroled R&D operations, and later commercial divisions for scientific and analytic instrumentbusinesses.  After additional education in microbiology and process validation at the University of Minnesota, Francis held a series of US and international positions for Johnson & Johnson.  During his 21-years with J&J, he successively led business divisions in surgical products, consumer wellness, and laboratory...

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