Demystifying Traceability Online Course
Demystifying Traceability Online Course
5.00 CH
5.00 CH

New, fundamentals in food traceability course will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your company’s existing traceability plans and/or create new ones.  The traceability plan gives you a technology agnostic basis to map out the digitization of your supply chain and will allow you to evaluate the landscape of blockchain, IoT, and data analytics in traceability.

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Meeting Details :

Developed by IFT’s Global Food Traceability Center

Launch Date: January, 2019

This introductory course will help you build an effective food traceability plan for your company and supply chain partners. It includes the following:

  • risk analyses (product and process risks)
  • vulnerability assessments (for traceability)
  • consequence management (for impact)

This self-paced program features videos, case-studies, interactive graphics, and a series of exercises and knowledge checks designed to assist you with applying the fundamental concepts of traceability to your own business. 

The Traceability Playbook will take you step-by-step in building a customized traceability plan.

Learning Objectives

  • The why’s and how’s of traceability.
  • Introduction to core concepts of traceability systems.
  • How to evaluate your current Traceability Plan.
  • Develop your own Traceability Plan.
  • Learn more technical aspects of traceability, such as information technology or industry initiatives.

Course Outline

1.      The Why of Food Traceability

2.      The Three Pillars of Traceability

3.      The Traceability Value Proposition

a.      Operational Efficiencies

b.      Market Share

c.       Competitive Advantage

d.      Supply Chain Management

4.      The Traceability Journey

a.      Company Info and Timeline

b.      Product Information

c.       Product Investigation

d.      The Team

e.      Process Flow

f.        Conclusion

5.      Risk Assessment

a.      Case Study: Sunnyside Gardens, The Producer

b.      Case Study” Karma Food Company, The Processor

c.       Case Study: Silveira Markets, The Retailer

6.      Your Traceability Playbook

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