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Optimizing Ingredients for Plant-Based Dairy Products-From fats and oils to fortification with vitamins and minerals - Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Division On-Demand Webcast
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Plant based dairy is gaining momentum.
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More and more food and ingredient companies are exploring plant based dairy options in their portfolio of products. This is especially true with the rise of veganism, which has increased by about 300%. To attract these growing customers, companies must understand the consumer, while also having a fundamental understanding of ingredient functionality within products such as frozen desserts. The webcast will focus on the technical application of various ingredients used within these products, including fats/oils, proteins, and other important ingredients such as vitamins and minerals and their role in the final product. Lastly, the application of these ingredients within plant-based frozen desserts will provide real-world application to these learnings from a product development perspective.

Learning objectives:
1) Basic fundamental information on fats and oils
2) Factor needs to be considered for selecting fats and oils for plant based dairy products
3) How physical and chemical properties of fats and oils impact applications development of plant based dairy products
4) What are healthy fats and oils

Dr. Vineet Jindal, Global Customer Innovation Manager-Plant Based Foods at AAK
Nitzan Natani Ben Chaim, CTO at Innovopro

Length: 55 minutes
Contact Hours: 1.0
Date Recorded: March 14, 2019

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