Faculty Networking Event: Sharing of Innovative Teaching and Learning Activities for Food Science Core Courses

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Faculty Networking Event: Sharing of Innovative Teaching and Learning Activities for Food Science Core Courses
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December 4, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:15 PM CT
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Food science instructors will have the opportunity to network and share innovative teaching activities that they have implemented in their courses both prior to and in response to the recent shift to online teaching.

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Following a recent IFT assessment workshop, it is clear there is a desire for more opportunities for food science instructors to connect and share the teaching activities they are using in their courses. It can be challenging to find online teaching resources with relevance to our specific science of food related-courses. As food science is an applied science that prepares students for working in the food industry, it is important that our course activities provide students with hands-on experiences related to the types of situations and problems they will encounter in the industry. Such activities and case study examples can be challenging to develop, especially for instructors who do not have prior food industry work experience. More recently, food science instructors have been faced with the challenge of reinventing their hands-on learning experiences for the online environment. IFT’s Education, Extension and Outreach Division (EEOD) aims to connect food science instructors from around the globe to share teaching and learning activities specific to food science core courses (food chemistry and analysis, food microbiology and safety, food processing and engineering, food laws and regulations, and food quality assurance and product development) with the goal of helping each other to best prepare students for their future careers and facilitate the shift to online learning. Through this program and future events to follow, we will be compiling the ideas shared and begin to build an online teaching and learning resource available to IFT academic members. We hope that you will join us for this exciting networking event and on our journey to improve food science education for instructors and students alike!

This webcast includes access to the recording, which will be available within 48 hours of the live event. All IFT webcasts are free for IFT Premier and Student members.

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