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InFocus Protein Power
January 15, 2021 To May 31, 2021
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Protein Power Content Collection

Did you miss IFT’s annual event but want to know the latest scientific advancements and insights on alternative proteins? IFT has assembled a robust collection of presentations from leading scientists on topics ranging consumer trends and formulation solutions to emerging research and new technologies applied to proteins in foods and beverages.   This alternative protein content collection brings together 55 individual presentations in 17 scientific symposia for nearly 20 hours of education for professionals working in the science of food.

Extra bonus! Protein Power Hours

With the purchase of this content collection, you will receive access to join session speakers for live discussions of their research or product development insights on proteins in foods and beverages.  IFT will host two book club style discussion groups and Q&A sessions with featured speakers.  Details and registration instructions will be emailed.

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Meeting Details :

Sessions and Speakers

Protein Production, Consumption and Sustainability: Consumer, Academic and Industry Insights
Speakers : Tamika Sims, Meng Li, Justin R. Ransom, Alison L. Van Eenennaam

Plant-Based Eating Patterns vs Plant-Based Foods: Why Distinguishing Between the Two Is Vital for Industry, Research, and Consumers
Speakers : Julie Hess, Laurie Demeritt, Moises Torres-Gonzale, B. Pam Ismail

Plant-Based Foods: Designing Ingredient, Formulation, and Consumer Opportunities from the Ground Up
Speakers : Katy Geguchadze, Michael Leonard, Michael Leonard, David Julien McClements, Jason R. Stokes, Vivek Sharma, Alejandro G. Marangoni, Randy Ewoldt

Formulating and Troubleshooting for Innovation: What Are the Best Solutions for Meat Alternative Products?
Speakers : Zachary H. Reed, Zachary H. Reed, Tim Knight, Poulson Joseph, Deepti Dabas Misti Toro, Saurabh Kumar

Beyond Animals: Are Clean and Protein-Based Alternatives Tackling the Protein Challenges of the Future?
Speakers : Elisabeth Hoegg, Lisa Franke, Didier Toubia, Nick Hazell, Lukas Boecker

Plant-Based Dairy Alternative: Cheese as a Fermentation Example
Speakers : B. Pam Ismail, Praveen Upreti, Pascal Fourcassie, Renske Janssen

The Plant-Based Meat World: The Crossroads of Food Technology and Scientific Innovation
Speakers : Julie Prost, Zak Weston, Anusha Samaranayaka, Shannon Hood-Niefer

2025, the Third Wave of Plant-Based Eating: What to Expect, What Consumers Want, and How the First, Second, and Third Wave Ingredient Enablers and Brands Will Respond
Speakers : Barb Stuckey, Katie Maloney, Andy Seaberg, Julie Mann

From Protein Nutrition to Bioactive Peptides: Challenges and Opportunities (Part 1)
Speakers : Rotimi Aluko, Jianping Wu Linda Giblin, Fidel Toldrá, Satoshi Nagaoka

From Protein Nutrition to Bioactive Peptides: Challenges and Opportunities (Part 2)
Speakers : Rotimi Aluko, Jianping Wu Linda Giblin, Fidel Toldrá, Satoshi Nagaoka

Swimming Toward a Better Future: The Current Landscape of Plant-Based and Cultivated Seafood Innovation
Speakers : Claire Bomkamp, Kevan L. Main, Cameron Semper, Sandhya Sriram, Lou Cooperhouse, Maisie Ganzler

Nutritional Differentiation of Plant Proteins
Speakers : Stacy Pyett

Is This the Protein It Claims to Be? Identification and Purity Methodology for Authentication, Adulteration Detection, and Quality Evaluation
Speakers : Zhuohong (Kenny) Xie, Melanie Downs, Spencer Carter, Sneh Bhandari

Protein Processing 2.0: Next Gen Scalable Technologies for Advancing the Functionalization and Sustainable Production of Protein Ingredients
Speakers : Nitin Joshi, Hari Meletharayil, Rohit Kapoor, Federico Harte, Lloyd Metzger

Improvement of Protein Functionality by Protein Glycation Using the Maillard Reaction
Speakers : Gabriel Davidov-Pardo, Marco Ceballos-Fabela, Sarah Caballero, Iris J. Joye

Alternate Protein: Cultivated Seafood and Animal-Free Dairy Proteins
Speakers : Angela Ichwan, Claire Bomkamp, Lou Cooperhouse, Ravi Jhala

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