It’s all about salt: why salt remains a key player in cheese - On-Demand Event
It’s all about salt: why salt remains a key player in cheese - On-Demand Event
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Flavor and texture are critical factors for the consumer acceptance of cheese. Salt dissolved in the aqueous phase of cheese, plays vital roles during cheese manufacture by manipulating protein-protein and protein-water interaction and during ripening by contributing to the flavor of cheese, controlling the growth of microorganisms, and helping with enzymatic breakdown of cheese constituents.

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This webcast session provides deeper insights related to salt analysis and its influence on the sensory characteristics of cheese. The first speaker, Dr. Prateek Sharma, presents his work on two novel techniques for studying salt diffusion in cheese matrices. First, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), a super convenient technique that gives spatial distribution (at macroscopic level) of minerals (Na, K, Ca) on the surface of cheese, will be presented. The second technique i.e. time-lapse confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) which uses sodium (CoroNaTM green) sensitive fluorescent dyes to study salt diffusion in model cheese at microscopic level will be discussed. Overall this highlights the potential of both techniques (LIBS and time lapse CSLM) for tracking salt diffusion in cheese matrices at both macroscopic and microscopic length scale.

The second speaker, Pat Polowsky, talks about role of salt in maintaining quality of cheese. Salt is a powerful flavor potentiator and can have dramatic impact on attributes such as bitterness, acidity, mouthfeel, and melt/stretch. He covers some fundamentals of cheese flavor chemistry, how salt is a key player, and potential issues that may arise with reduced sodium or high salt applications. Overall, this webcast provides a comprehensive and unique perspectives of salt in cheese and its role in controlling sensory quality of cheese. This session is sure to be worth its weight in salt!

Moderator: Nitin Joshi, Vice President - Product Development, Dairy Management, Inc.

Dr. Nitin Joshi is a Vice President of Product Development at Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), a nonprofit organization funded by America’s dairy farmers.  In his current role, Nitin supports the Food Innovation team of Corporate Pizza Hut for product development, innovation, and renovation. Nitin has been leading product development and ingredient innovation for several years and has developed many products such as pizzas, sauces, soups, beverages, dairy products, cheeses, ice creams, snacks, handhelds, frozen products, etc. Prior to DMI/Pizza Hut Nitin has worked at Campbell Soup Company, and in India, he taught food/dairy processing courses at university level and worked at Vadilal Ice Cream Company.

Dr. Joshi is an active member of IFT and is involved at the national level in a variety of positions including: the upcoming AMSPAP chair (scientific programs at IFT Annual meeting), chair of Hot Topics, chair of Dairy Foods Division, Division Champion team, Leadership at Product Development division, etc. At section level, Nitin held leadership positions at the Philadelphia section including as a chair. Currently, Nitin is a Technical Program Chair and College Bowl coordinator in the Long Horn section of IFT in the Dallas area. He is also volunteering as a judge for Texas State Science Fair and is a speaker at various universities and IFT sections.

Speaker 1: Prateek Sharma

A/Prof. Prateek Sharma is a Dairy Foods...

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