Resetting for Profitable Growth in Foodservice - how to bring consumers back and keep them coming back
Resetting for Profitable Growth in Foodservice - how to bring consumers back and keep them coming back
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2020 was a challenging year for many industries, and within the food industry, the food service and restaurant segment has been impacted significantly. It had been projected that we would see a CAGR of 3.7% in the food service segment during the forecast period 2020-2025, yet we have seen an average decline of over 25% in 2020 alone. Food service businesses around the world confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing them to adjust to a new business environment and adhere to social distancing guidelines. These businesses adopted innovative new products and business practices, resulting in a new wave of restaurant trends.  With more vaccine availability in 2021, it will still take a while for the food service industry get back to their forecast growth, or will the patterns of growth and innovation be completely different?

About the Panelists:

Armetha Pihlstrom is a multi-faceted entrepreneur based out of Minneapolis, MN. She is making enormous  contributions to the plant-based food industry through  innovative strategies and her generational thoughtprovoking leadership approach. Her clients and partners know her to be a dynamic and savvy businesswoman that
successfully manages multi-disciplinary teams spanning across the U.S to consistently deliver value.
Her growth sales accomplishments are well vetted with over 15+ years of food service industry knowledge and expertise within startups. She is a trusted advisor in every interaction and a fearless visionary in the food industry.

Her involvement in plant-based businesses is rooted in the need to make positive change for her family, her community and our environment.

Armetha is the Owner, Founder, and Chairwoman of The Board at Pihlstrom Consulting Group; National Account Manager at Impossible Foods; and Strategic Business Development Officer at Taste A Vision. She has a Masters in Human Resources Development & Organizational Change Management from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and a BSB in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management. She is affiliated with Women’s Foodservice Forum, Odyssey Media, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and is a 2021 Plant Based Foods Association Board Member.

Bruce Perkin is the principal scientist and operator of Robust Food Solutions LLC, a food science-based consultancy that has operated since 2017, providing strategic advice and hands on support to food businesses in the areas of quality systems and food safety, innovation, product development, and organizational design.

Across 2016, Bruce was the Chief Strategy Officer for Actionable Quality Assurance (AQA) where he led the design and commercialization of software specifically designed for restaurant companies to enable their Quality Assurance and Food Safety processes to be more efficient and effective.

Prior to joining AQA, Bruce was the Chief Research and Development Officer at Pizza...

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