Big Data & The Internet of Things (IoT) in the Food Industry - Are We there yet? On-Demand Webinar
Big Data & The Internet of Things (IoT) in the Food Industry - Are We there yet? On-Demand Webinar
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This webinar is hosted by IFT's Food Engineering and Food Packaging Divisions.

This presentation offers an overview of the growing field of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) within the context of the food supply chain. Although the global and diverse nature of the food supply makes this a daunting task, the current progress in the field is of interest to the entire Food Industry.

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The convergence of high-capacity, high-speed digital technology and massive amounts of data produced across the food supply chain has created an unprecedented opportunity to integrate many if not all the components from seed to sewage through the Internet of Things. The global dimension, the different state of technological development of some of the players, and the current state-of-the art in sensing technologies and the ability and willingness to safely share data present a huge challenge. Engineers and scientists from both industry and academia are currently tackling these challenges. The expected benefits of these efforts include reduced wastage, more efficient and profitable food supply chain, reduced environmental impact, and reduced global hunger and malnutrition.

After this webcast, participants will be able to: 1.Define and explain the concepts of Big Data, the Internet of Things, Digital Technologies, and Blockchain 2.Identify sectors of the food supply chain where digital technologies can immediately be integrated into the Internet of Things. 3.Explain how the integration of Big Data and the Internet of Things can inform the user and help make sound economic decisions 4.Explain the challenges and opportunities for data sharing using a blockchain platform. 5.Identify opportunities for research needed to fill current gaps of knowledge and technology.



Serafim Bakalis, Professor, Dairy Product Technology, University of Copenhagen

Opportunities for Digital Technologies in the Food Value Chain 

There are a number of papers and the opportunities offered from Digital Technologies in the Food Chain. However, it is not clear what are these “digital” technologies; and how they could “disrupt” the food chain. Beyond Blockchain, i.e. an open distributed ledger, a wide-ranging set of innovations in hardware, software, and data-driven business models have the potential to fundamentally alter the food chain. The aim of the talk is to provide the potential and limitations of data in ensuring traceability and enable communication between stakeholders. The effect of relevant sensing to increase manufacturing efficiencies, and the potential of connected devices, e.g. Internet of Things, to create new ways to understand consumer needs and provide new consumer product and experiences using data-driven approaches.


Yi-Min Chee, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, IBM Food Trust and Transparent Supply Blockchain Solutions


Ashish Jagmohan, Principal Research Staff Member, AI Applications, IBM


Data sharing and optimization in food supply (block)chains

This talk describes a blockchain-based platform for sharing data amongst participants in a food supply chain. We talk about various optimizations that can result from this shared visibility, challenges from a data permissioning perspective, and solutions to those challenges. We also discuss the integration of IoT data into the platform and the use cases it...

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