A Model for Sustainable Sourcing: Guayusa- Fireside Chat with Applied Food Sciences
A Model for Sustainable Sourcing: Guayusa- Fireside Chat with Applied Food Sciences
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Guayusa, pronounced "gwhy-you-sah," is a functional tea leaf that grows exclusively in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru. With its unique combination of naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine, guayusa has nootropic benefits to satisfy an evolving market of premium energy products. Yet, perhaps the most remarkable detail of guayusa is the incredible sourcing story. Over the last five years, Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has worked to build a sustainable supply chain of responsibly and ethically sourced guayusa through co-ops and foundations across Ecuador and Peru. Instead of industrial plantations, AFS works with thousands of independent farming families, protecting the ecosystem surrounding this meaningful herb. Rather than using mono-crop systems, guayusa is grown in ancient agroforestry gardens known as "chakras." Today we are bringing modern science and clinical research to the heels of guayusa's deep native history, connecting indigenous warriors and their historical use of guayusa as a focused cognitive energy ingredient to modern gamers and their drive to the top of esports. Join us as we discuss the story of guayusa.

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Meeting Details :

Hosted by:

Brian Zapp, Director for Applied Food Sciences

Ann Armbrecht, Director for the Sustainable Herbs Program

William Garces, CEO for Yhu Life.


Learning Objectives:


·       What is Guayusa (ilex guayusa), and what makes this herb a valuable addition to the natural products industry?

·       The impact sourcing guayusa has on the environment, culture, and finances of the local communities who produce it. 

·       Connecting historical accounts of guayusa with modern science, explaining its unique and timely benefits.

·       The opportunity of a new kind of energy ingredient for work, sports, and gaming. 

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