Why Soy Protein is Today’s Most Versatile and Widely Used Plant Protein Source - Supplier Webinar with US Soy On-Demand
Why Soy Protein is Today’s Most Versatile and Widely Used Plant Protein Source - Supplier Webinar with US Soy On-Demand
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Soy protein has been used as a protein source in food and beverage innovation for over 50 years and is valued for its unique nutritional, functional, economic and sustainability benefits.   Nutritionally, soy protein is a high-quality protein, with proven health benefits, making it unique among commercially viable plant proteins today.  Decades of investment in ingredient innovation has resulted in soy protein’s wide range of functionality and contributed to its versatility as a protein source.  With protein levels ranging from 50-90 percent (dry basis), as well as its availability in a variety of formats, including powders, crisps and textured pieces, soy proteins can be precisely matched to the functional and nutritional requirements of many diverse end applications.  Nutritional beverages and bars, cereals and snacks, processed meat, as well as plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, are among the many applications using soy proteins.  With its strong supply position, U.S. origin and farmer dedication to sustainable farming practices, soy protein continues to be favored as an economic, available and sustainable choice for food and beverage innovation.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

1. Understand the history of soy protein innovation and its unique benefits and role in food and beverage innovation.
2. Understand the typical applications and range of soy protein ingredients available today to support food and beverage innovation.
3. Learn more about the soy protein supply chain, raw material supply position and sustainable farming practices U.S. farmers are employing to ensure soy protein remains a preferred and sustainable option for years to come.

Intended Audience:

• Food scientists, nutrition scientists, product developers, food marketers involved in food and beverage innovation.
• Individuals involved in qualifying, selecting or purchasing protein ingredients.

Jean Heggie, Soy Protein Consultant, U.S. Soy
[email protected]

Jean Heggie is founder of Heggie & Associates, LLC, a food industry consultancy advising growth- and innovation-oriented companies in the food, food ingredient and ag-tech industries.  She is also a Soy Protein Consultant for U.S. Soy (the United Soybean Board).  U.S. Soy represents the interests of U.S. Soybean Farmers in expanding opportunities for domestically grown soybeans.

Prior to forming Heggie & Associates, Ms. Heggie worked in food ingredient marketing for over 30 years, gaining a wealth of experience marketing plant proteins, flavors and other nutritional and functional ingredients.  In 2020, she retired from DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences after a 20-year career, where she led the Company’s global marketing efforts supporting its soy protein portfolio.  

Ms. Heggie is a noted expert and frequent spokesperson on the topic of plant proteins, the market opportunity and future potential in food and beverage...

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