Applying Sensory Sciences during New Product Development- On-Demand Webinar with the Product Development Division
Applying Sensory Sciences during New Product Development- On-Demand Webinar with the Product Development Division
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This webinar in collaboration with the Product Development Division will focus on two sensory professionals who will educate students and new professionals on innovative methods to use sensory practices when evaluating new products. The audience will learn quantitative and qualitative methods relevant to achieving consumer-centric innovation in today's food world.

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Meeting Details :

Learning Objectives:

·       Attain sound knowledge of sensory and consumer testing techniques when developing new products

·       Learn the importance of a relationship between a sensory scientist with a product developer

·       Understand the differences between quantitative/qualitative methods in both sensory and consumer testing

·        Learn how the food space approaches consumer-centric innovation of new products

Speaker Information:

Janet McLean:

Janet McLean holds a BS in food science from the University of Illinois and a MS in food science with a sensory emphasis from the University of Missouri. She is married with two children, son is a food scientist/sensory scientist, and daughter is an art therapist.   

Janet has been working in the food/ beverage industry for the past 35 years working at Campbell's Soup, Kraft Foods, and Diageo. She recently retired (July '22) and has started to consult part time while traveling the country in our RV.  Her most recent industry job was Global Director of Sensory and Consumer Sciences for Diageo where she led teams of sensory professionals across the globe developing insights across the life cycle of a product from conception, development, commercialization, shelf life and maintenance.  She considers herself more of a quantitative sensory scientist, although has trained and often applied qualitative techniques in her research plans.  

Lori Rothman:

Lori Rothman is Food Scientist and an experienced professional in the areas of Consumer Science and Sensory Evaluation, specializing in consumer products and packaging. She is known for leveraging consumer and sensory insights to drive product innovation and business growth. Her experience includes strategy development, department creation and staffing, sensory facility/infrastructure, cross-functional and cross-country relationship building, budgeting, and delivering business relevant results.

Lori leads Lori Rothman Consulting, LLC, where she helps companies develop consumer-preferred products and packages. She has a B.S. from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and a M.S. from the University of California, Davis in Food Science. Lori is also an adjunct instructor in Sensory Evaluation at Dominican University, River Forest, IL.



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