Exploring the Functional Ingredients with Pulses: Supplier Solutions On Demand Webinar with USA Pulses
Exploring the Functional Ingredients with Pulses: Supplier Solutions On Demand Webinar with USA Pulses
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Watch this informative webinar about utilizing the functionalities of pulse ingredients brought to you by USA Pulses.
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Pulses are a well-known source of nutrition. Over the past few years numerous efforts have been undertaken by both the ingredient and the product development industry sectors on various ways to utilize the pulse ingredients in the food products that we all like. These efforts have led to the development of various functional ingredients from pulses, including proteins, fibers, and starches. This seminar provides a brief overview of the progress that has been made in this area, highlighting some strategies to utilize the functionalities of these pulse ingredients along with their nutrition.

Speaker information:

Dr. Girish Ganjyal is an Associate Professor and Extension Food Processing Specialist at Washington State University (WSU) in the School of Food Science. Dr. Ganjyal established the Food Processing Extension and Research program at WSU in 2013. Since then, a total of 18 students have graduated with either an MS or Ph.D. from his program. He has provided opportunities for over 38 undergraduate students to work in his program and gain valuable experiences in extrusion processing and ingredient functionality. He has published 85 peer-reviewed articles and has 5 US patents. He and his team at WSU have provided training and project assistance to over 5000 industry professionals since 2013, in the areas of food ingredient functionality and food processing.

Before joining WSU, from 2009 to 2013, Dr. Ganjyal worked as a Principal Engineer in the Advanced Research Team at PepsiCo, where he made significant contributions to extrusion processing and the frying process. He also worked as Principal Scientist at MGP Ingredients, Inc., from 2004 to 2009, where he made considerable contributions in the areas of extrusion processing and protein ingredients. Numerous products that Dr. Ganjyal worked on over the last 18 years have been commercialized. Dr. Ganjyal provides extension services in the areas of food safety, food processing, and food quality for food businesses of all types and sizes.

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