Food for Relief: International Division Student Hackathon
Food for Relief: International Division Student Hackathon
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April 17, 2024
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM CT
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Meeting Details :

The International Division is challenging all IFT student-members to join them for a single-day, engaging hackathon-style event to develop innovative solutions to help address a small-town humanitarian crisis. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third place.

A small town is currently undergoing a humanitarian crisis and needs support. You and your team will imagine you are working for an NGO that wants to provide assistance to the village. Join the event to hear more about the challenge! 

Participants will be randomly assigned to teams, who will work together digitally. Participants will have 2 hours to design their concept and prepare a 10-minute presentation highlighting the rationale behind their choices, nutritional analysis, packaging efficiency, sustainability plan, and considerations for cultural suitability. Participants must attend the full session.

Event Agenda:

April 17, 2024| 9 am- 1 pm Central Time

·        Introduction

·        Guest Speaker- Donna Rosa

·        Competition Outline

o   Explanation of objectives and deliverables

o   Groups announced.

·        2 hours for groups to meet and prepare presentations

·        Team presentations

·        Second guest speaker (while judges deliberate)

·        Announcement of winners

Please note: As typical hackathons are open source for majority benefit, all concepts and solutions from this event will be considered open source and may be developed by anyone who sees the end results.  

The winning team will receive a $1000 prize, second place will receive a $750 prize, and third place will receive a $500. Prizes will be divided amongst members.


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