Enhanced Innovation: Streamlining NPD and SupplierCollaboration with Digital Tools On-Demand Webinar, sponsored by FoodChain ID
Enhanced Innovation: Streamlining NPD and SupplierCollaboration with Digital Tools On-Demand Webinar, sponsored by FoodChain ID
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Watch this informative webinar about replacing outdated methods with automated integrated systems, brought to you by FoodChain ID.
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Relying on traditional methods to manage supplier, ingredient, and labeling data is no longer sustainable to meet the dynamic and evolving needs of the food industry. This webinar reveals how digital transformation helped leading food and beverage companies and restaurant chains enhance supplier collaboration and streamline New Product Development (NPD) processes.  
Attendees will explore how replacing outdated methods with automated, integrated systems enables operational excellence and offers a competitive edge. This session is a must-attend for industry professionals in Quality Assurance, Food Safety, Labeling and Nutrition, Innovation, Research & Development (R&D) and Sourcing.
Attendees will learn:
  -The critical challenges in supplier management and NPD
  -The importance of end-to-end documentation, traceability, and transparency 
  -Drawbacks of traditional, manual processes  
  -How automation and integration of critical aspects of NPD streamlines workflows
  -An overview of FoodChain ID's Recipes & Specifications, our purpose-built solution designed to enhance innovation and support compliance by providing a collaborative system to manage recipe development, suppliers, and label requirements


Natalie Walker
Product Manager
FoodChain ID

Natalie Walker is a Product Manager at FoodChain ID, where she has excelled blending strategic oversight and technical prowess. Her expertise spans problem-solving, artificial intelligence, including generative AI, strategic planning, product management, knowledge acquisition, and strategic thinking.
Prior to joining FoodChain ID, she made significant contributions for 7 years as a Global SaaS Product Specialist and Support Manager & Test Lead at Imfuna Inc., where she honed her skills in SaaS solutions.
She resides in Staffordshire, U.K. and enjoys supporting her long-standing football team, Aston Villa.

Wes Frierson
Vice President, Product Lifecycle Solutions
FoodChain ID

Mr. Wes Frierson is the Vice President for Product Lifecycle Solutions at FoodChain ID. Frierson has over 20 years of experience advising leaders in the food and beverage industry how to leverage digital best practices for better innovation.
Through his past work with top consulting and software firms, Frierson has gained a deep understanding of how technology can transform product development and market delivery. His experience enables him to recognize the common challenges that prevent companies from maximizing the value of their digital investments.
Today, Frierson applies his expertise along with FoodChain ID’s innovative technology solutions and world-renowned consulting teams to guide customers evolving their digital capabilities, providing pragmatic roadmaps that ensure successful adoption and predictable value realization.
Frierson lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and enjoys traveling with his family, running and spending...

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