Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Food Virtual Short Course
Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Food Virtual Short Course
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6.00 CH
December 5-14, 2023
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6.00 CH

Please join us for this virtual course that will take place over 2-weeks, for a total of four 90-minute sessions. Each session will take place from 12:00 - 1:30 pm Central Time. The schedule is as follows: December 5th, December 7th,  December 12th, and December 14th

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Meeting Details :

This interactive course will provide IFT members with a deep understanding of artificial intelligence through hands-on exercises, industry use cases, and insights from AI thought leaders. Partnered with Sidecar, this virtual short course will equip members with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to harness the power of AI within their own organizations and roles. In order to provide the most immersive and hands-on experience during the AI virutal short course, Sidecar will set up a dedicated instance of Betty, a personalized IFT AI assistant, tailored to IFT's content. This will offer a real-world experience of AI applications, allowing members to see the immediate value of integrating such technology into their daily routines.


Participants will learn:

·      Artificial intelligence (AI) fundamentals and how advanced applications like ChatGPT work.

·      Hands-on prompt engineering to apply generative AI models.

·      Cutting-edge AI tools and real-world use cases tailored for IFT's industry.

·      Best practices for using AI ethically and safely.



Day 1: AI Fundamentals, History, How Models Work

·      Intro: Why is AI so important now?

·      Background: A brief history of Generative AI, including listing (defining) what current freely available popular Large Language Models (LLM) exist today.

·      Understanding AI: Demystifying what AI is and what it isn't through examples, including what issues arise from Large Language Models (LLM).

·      Prompt Engineering - Basics: Introduction to Instruction, Role-based, and Few Short prompts.

Day 2: Hands-On Prompt Engineering

·      Intro to IP Protection - High level review of what to keep in mind and how to protect yourself and your content as we move into exercises.

·      Prompt Engineering - Advanced: Delving into the Chain of Thought, Think-Reason-Plan-Act, and Prompt Chaining.

·      Modifying Our Teaching and Learning Practice: Information literacy, algorithmic thinking, meaning of truth and argument.

·      A Universal Framework for Working with AI: Exploring Tree of Thoughts and a Simple Cognitive Architecture.

·      AI Adoption Strategies: Simple suggestions on how attendees can experiment with AI in their lives and work.

Day 3: Deeper Dive into Specific Tools and Food Technology Scenarios

·      IP Protection Round 2 - deeper, more specific review of how to interact with AI tools safely.

·      Exploring IFT's Knowledge Base with AI: Exploring Betty, a cutting-edge AI tool tailored to IFT's knowledge for personalized answers and content creation.

·      Purpose-Built...

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