Microbiome Content Collection
Microbiome Content Collection
Food Health & Nutrition
January 15, 2021 To May 31, 2025
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Meeting Details :

A collection of scientific presentations, journal articles and webinars on the latest scientific findings and applications in the human gut microbiome, fermented foods, microbial bioinformatics, gut-brain axis, and more. Browse among 15 peer-reviewed resources in the growing field of microbiome research and application in the food and beverage industry. 

Collection includes:

·       5 Recorded Scientific Presentations from IFT’s 202 Annual Meeting

o   Microbioal Bioinformatics;

o   Diet-Microbiota Interactions;

o   Safety Evaluation;

o   Prebiotics;

o   Probiotics

·       4 Journal of Food Science Articles

o   Intestinal health related to Carotinoids;

o   Probiotic supplementation;

o   Tea Flower Polysaccharides;

o   Banana Powder fermentation effects on microbiota and metabolic output

·       5 Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety Articles

o   Functional Foods;

o   Prebiotics, Probiotics, and prebiotic-like components;

o   Fermented Foods;

o   Intenstinal Barrier;

o   Gut Microbiome-Immune Axis

·       IFT Webinar- The Future of Fiber: Challenges and Opportunities for Developing New Food Product for Health and Wellness

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