Designing Plant-Based Proteins for Foodservice - On Demand
Designing Plant-Based Proteins for Foodservice - On Demand
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Plant-based protein options are important to consumers, restaurateurs and the food manufacturers that support them.  Thoughtful design is critical for success in foodservice and this session will provide the latest consumer & industry research as well as the technology and processes used to support continued innovation. 

Program Goals:
- Attendees will better understand consumer interest and attitudes towards plant based proteins
- Attendees will discover critical attributes for success with plant based proteins
- Attendees will understand technologies/processes used to create plant based proteins including: Fermentation, Extrusion, High Moisture Extrusion, Shear Cell Technology, & 3-D Printing

Scott Walnofer
Director of Business Development, Plant Protein - North America
Scott Walnofer is the Director of Business Development for Kerry North America’s plant protein business, shaping and inspiring the future of plant-based foods with Kerry’s industry-leading expertise in taste and nutrition. Prior to his role in business development, Scott led Kerry’s North America culinary team, partnering with Kerry’s chefs to bring customers’ products to life through his deep technical mastery of Kerry technologies, functionalities, and applications. Walnofer graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Master’s degree in Food Science and went on to the Culinary Institute of America where he trained as a chef for Thomas Keller Restaurant Group before joining Kerry in 2010.

Laurice Pouvreau
Laurice is a research scientist and knowledge leader of ‘Plant protein technology’ at Wageningen University & Research (WUR). Laurice trained as a protein chemist in France, after which she acquired her PhD in the Food Chemistry chair group of WUR, studying potato proteins. Laurice further pursued interest in plant proteins at NIZO, a contract research institute, and subsequently at Cargill, where she gained experience in (mild) fractionation, structuring and application in food products using a broad range of plant proteins. Laurice is driven to contribute to improving the quality of new sources of protein and delivering sustainable and tasty food products.

Jessica Foust, RDN
Chef and Registered Dietitian Jessica Foust is the Vice President of Culinary Innovation & Nutrition for The Food Group.  In this role, she provides creative culinary and nutrition leadership while working directly with culinary, agency associates and client services to invoke a food innovation culture at all levels of the organization.  As lead for the Chicago culinary innovation center, she and her team provide research & development expertise to food companies of all sizes from concept to commercialization. 

Over the last 15 years of her career in the foodservice industry, she has provided culinary and nutrition direction in restaurants, hotels,...

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